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What is  L-spec Injectable

What is L-spec Injectable

Have you heard anything about L-spec injectable? If you are raising chickens, knowing what medicine to use when bacteria strikes is a must. L-Spec injectable solution is one of the most common and highly-recommended injectable drugs for chickens that have severe respiratory infections like coryza. When the chicken’s face is swollen (pamamaga sa mukha ng manok), it’s called coryza and no amount of oral medicine can cure this infection. L-spec is always the solution. L-Spec Injectable Price L-Spec is not a cheap poultry drug. The price always varies depending on the poultry supply store and location but the current average price is ₱600 for a 10ml vial. Components The combination of Lincomycin + Spectinomycin has an additive mode of action and in many cases acts as synergistic. Lincomycin ha...