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Native Pig Farming:  How to Raise Native Pigs

Native Pig Farming: How to Raise Native Pigs

Native pig farming is something that you may never hear but actually one of the most profitable animal husbandry businesses. In today’s era, there are many new businesses trending. But there have always been really successful businesses related to animal husbandry and that includes farming. This includes raising chickens or poultry, of course, there is also raising native pigs or “baboy damo” In this article, we will find out how to raise native pigs and why it is so popular. Native pig, baboy damo, or wild boar in English is a type of pig that lives in forests. It is a kind of ferocious pig because of its lifestyle and because it is also not accustomed to humans. Baboy damo is black in color and has longer fur compared to the typical white and fine-grained pig. They also eat different...