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American Pygmy Goat Breed Profile

The American Pygmy goat is a breed of achondroplastic goat and is the most popular goat breed as a pet. It is small, compact, and stockily built. Like the Nigerian Dwarf, it derives from the West African Dwarf group of breeds of West Africa.

Between 1930 and 1960, animals of this type were imported to the United States for use either as zoo animals or for research; some were later kept and bred as companion animals and established as a breed in 1975. It may also be known as the Pygmy, Cameroon goat,  or African Pygmy. It is quite different and separate from the British Pygmy breed.

The goats made a journey and occupied a minimum of space, and as for the supply of spruce, what they gave, they transferred the long sea voyages without problems, and for the team, they were the source of milk and meat. Goats of this species are tough in the fight, have a strong and persistent character, usually live in large herds and, if necessary, can withstand the attack of a predatory beast.American pygmy goat

American Pygmy Goat Characteristics

Pygmy goats prefer to eat leaves and young shoots of trees and shrubs, as well as various herbs. A goat is born one, less often two children, each weighing three hundred and sixty grams. The newborn can immediately stand on his legs, and then, five minutes after birth, he can already eat warm milk.

After four hours, the child can run, and then he will happily play with the same crumbs as him. Dairy milk is an average of one and a half liters of milk, and the duration of lactation is no more than five months. The milk of such a goat is quite fast, it contains more than five percent fat. Milk and meat have good taste properties and these products completely lack the characteristic odor of other representatives of this species

In wildlife, the Cameroon goat’s main habitat is shrubs, pastures, plains, and also forests. American pygmy goats are small animals and have fairly large horns that bend backward.

Like ordinary goats, they have quite large beards and ears, which are funny, as if a goat hears something. The goat’s tail also has a dull appearance, it is small and raised. The length of the goat is sixty-five centimeters, and the height is eighteen inches.

The American pygmy goat weighs twelve kilograms and the goats are twenty-one kilograms. The body of the goat resembles the outline of a barrel. The coat is quite dense and short, its color is black and red, sometimes spotted or with small light spots. Cameroon goats are raised in forests and steppes and humid forests

In the wild, the goats of this breed have settled on the vast territories of Africa in various countries and sit there quite freely. In these places, farmers have five goats, and they graze near the house, walking through the streets of towns and cities.

It would seem so small, how can they be useful? This is surprising, but despite the fact that pygmy goats are rather small, they are highly productive, and when compared to the cost of maintenance, their productivity is much higher than that of cattle.

It should be noted, these animals absolutely do not show any food claims. They gladly eat what they get, but they love cabbage and greens, but they eat less than their own kind about six times. Very important is the fact that this species is physically very resistant, dwarf goats are practically not affected by any disease

They believe that American pygmy goats have strong immunity against brucellosis, pneumonia, etc. This type of goat should not be overfed with protein foods, they, like all miniature species, tend to have allergic diseases. Cameroon goats have an excellent character, they are very friendly, outgoing, gentle, intelligent, and superbly yielding to training. You can easily get used to handling all hygiene needs in a specially designated place because this breed is suitable for keeping in an apartment.

Pygmy Goats Colors

All black; grizzled black, gray, or brown (colored and white hairs intermingled), with muzzle, crown, eyes, and ears, and sometimes a tail, frosted with white hairs; or pale to mid-caramel with dark legs, dorsal stripe, and face markings. These coat patterns are sometimes broken by white belly patches or bands. In West African, Australian, and UK populations, all colors are recognized, including pied and mixed colors, various markings, and random patches in West African Dwarf and Pygmy goats.

How Big Pygmy Goats Get?

Height to withers: Bucks max. 23 inches (58 cm); does max. 22 inches (56 cm). Height can vary between 16 and 23 inches (41–58 cm) in an adult pygmy goat.

Weight: Does 53–75 pounds (24–34 kg); bucks 60–86 pounds (27–39 kg).

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